Consulting Services
Providing a wide spectrum of consulting services to our clients to navigate an exceptional range of challenges, changes and opportunities
We combine strategic thinking with the extensive market assessment helping our clients to improve sales performance, enter new markets or gain additional market share

Our Marketing and Sales Strategy services include:

  • General market analysis
  • Development of market entry strategy
  • Positioning strategy choice
  • Price setting policy
  • Marketing strategy development
  • Distribution channel strategy development
We develop industry-specific actionable strategies that help our clients to achieve their goals and sustain superior results

Our Strategic Management Consulting services include:

  • Business environment analysis
  • Development of corporate mission and goals
  • Strategy choice
  • Assessment of strategy implementation
  • Advisory on strategic development
  • Organizational structure
We provide guidance to our clients to identify the true value of an opportunity during every phase of the transaction process

Our Financial and Investment Consulting services include:

  • Project / company evaluation
  • Business planning
  • Mergers & Acquisitions
We provide high-level strategic guidance for direct investment from idea all the way to implementation

Our Investment Support services include:

  • Development of concept for production localization
  • Choice of the model for production localization
  • Regional studies, choice of the region for local production
  • Search for potential sites for production localization
  • Investment project implementation support
  • Specific investment support
  • Government relations
For all questions please contact us:

Tel/ fax: +7 (495) 234 96 72